Pipeline Project:

  • MS Pipe Line 2100 Dia Sardarpur to Dharoi Project
  • Excavation work of Delhi-Mundra Gas Pipeline Spread to Radhanpur Dist. Banaskantha, Gujarat
  • Excavation in Pipe line trenches, at Mitana (Rajkot)
  • Excavation work for Gas Pipe Line KRPL Project, Godhra
  • HDPE Pipe Line Morbi- Maliya Distribution Project
  • Murram bedding work and trenching in soft soil and hard rock at Raigarh (C.G.)
  • GWRDC MS Pipe Line 2150 Dia Modhera to Dharoi Dam Project
  • NWRDC MS Pipe line Project Fatehpur to Khed & Bhujwa Project
  • Quality Infrastructure Solutions
  • Pipe line -Earthwork for Barmer Lift water supply project (SPR-1&2) at Mohangarh & Barmer (200km.) L&T Project
  • Earth work of M S Pipelines at L&T NC-24 Project at Rajula, Gujarat
  • Trenching, Backfilling and Restoration work at MBPL Project, Bhinmal, Rajasthan (KPTL Project)
  • MS Pipeline 3000 Dia Nagadka to Paliyad - Soni Yojna Package (Essar Project)